migron: peace for land

The former head of the Mossad, Meir Dagan, says religious jews are the main problem in Israel, the head of the Meretz party, Zahava Galon,  uses the terminology “jew-boys” to describe religious supporters of the settler movement, and the head of internal security Yuval Diskin, targetted “right wing fanatics” and the growing propensity for jews to use firearms against each other.And Diskin even called Ehud Barak, totally detested by the settler movement, as “messianic” meaning ready to pop the apocalyse in the blink of an eye.

---Our Father, Our King, Take Pity on Us, Our Infants and Children A Night in Migron – Diary of Horror It was a cursed night, black and nightmarish. When I got Migron, a sense of deja vu hit me: it′s happening again. History repeats itself. Convoy upon convoy of black-clad individuals, lying everywhere, filled the town with their unpleasant presence. Again, they were here: the same uniform, with their Israeli flags, helmets, shields, and blank faces. They were blanker than ever before. . This time it broke all records. In the name of effective evacuation, in the name of protecting democracy; in the name of the law: n entry to residents, and parents whose children are screaming on the other side of the village, whIch was chopped in half. No entry to MDA crews, who were called to treat a woman who fainted and someone who is pregnant, for professionals who support, even a little, and try to minimize the damage, for security, public leaders and rabbis. No entry, no humanity. There is execution of orders... Deportation. ---Read More:http://www.sos-israel.com/56693.html

If its a game, its getting ugly. There is no doubt that incitement against the “right” , the religious is a national sport, a “carnival” by the secular left to demonize those not falling under the umbrella of international rule of law, and the conventions of liberal democracy. The truth is that thousands have died because of the Oslo accords, the “roadmap” to peace leading directly to the grave and ultimately putting into question the 2-state solution and the viability of the traditional land for peace arrangement. The sad truth is that even a blatant and dangerous demagogue like Meir Kahane, an opportunist appealing to the base level of the population, was responsible  expulsions of Arabs than the “great man” theories attributed to such a martyr like Yitzchak Rabin. Even in death, there is doubt that the “right” actually did the dirty deed, or whether they were made scapegoats for an internal power struggle.  So, things are complex.

---The Shomron is not just a settlement; it is designated as an absorption center in case of a missile attack on the center of the city. The local council, in conjunction with the Home Front Command, has prepared an emergency plan to absorb over one half a million citizens from the center of the country and Gush Dan, in case of a missile attack. This comes following the experience during the second Lebanon War a few years ago. We will definitely be a ′City of Refuge′ of Tel Aviv and the environs. We are geographically close to the center, and also preparing for this scenario, in the hope that it will never happen. We received the HFC award for readiness for emergencies. Along with the readiness, we trust in Hashem and view this as G-dly steps before the coming of Moshiach. The Midrash says, "All I did was only done for your sake, my sons, fear not, the time of your redemption has come." ...Every sensible person understands today that the safest place is in Yehuda and Shomron. I think it permeates the goal of policy makers that the Arabs′ goal is not just Yehuda and Shomron but also Tel Aviv, Haifa and Acre. Only the hallucinatory left hasn′t figured it out yet. ---Gershon Mesika.---Read More:http://www.sos-israel.com/63037.html Image:http://www.acpr.org.il/ENGLISH-NATIV/10-issue/haetzni-10.htm

Without any apparent reason, a leader like Ariel Sharon, who was elected under a banner stating that “the status of Netzarim is the same as that of Tel Aviv”, raced towards self-destruction. Israeli generals declared that “the people in ‘orange’ are more dangerous than the Hizbullah”.

At that time, Haaretz’s editor-in-chief,David Landau, said that the withdrawal from Gaza was a good thing, not because Israel will no longer have to patrol the Jibalya camp. but “it’s because we tore down the settlements of the national religious public and we crushed the political power of Religious Zionism”. Yair Lapid said the same in Yediot.

A few days later, the ruins of the settlements to the south of Ashkelon were the home of advanced rocket launchers aimed at Tel Aviv.

Now the first in the High Court’s list is Migron: 47 families, 300 children, two kindergartens, a mikveh, parks and a petting zoo. Exactly as the Gush Katif’s families, idealistic families in Migron lived there in caravans, out of the belief that they are fulfilling the Israeli values of security and settlement. They think the state and the army should be their defenders, not their prosecutors.

On a hill uninhabited since the days of Saul and David today live elite combat soldiers, sons and grandsons of Israeli heroes who gave their lives to protect the country. In 1971, Palestinian terrorists fired katyusha rockets on Petah Tivka from a village near the ‘settlement’ of Beit Aryeh. It will happen again if Israel retreats from Judea and Samaria.

In the near future, the sirens will wake up the Israelis early in the morning, food cans will quickly disappear from the supermarkets, they will seal doors and windows and the Home Front Command will instruct them to enter into shelters. The rest will be history.

Which of the following will be Israel’s problem? Teheran or Beit El, which appears in the list of “cities of refuge” where it is better to live “in case of emergency”? Read More:http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/11567#.T5tFvcXT3PQ



Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpo:

That′s our- Eretz Yisroel loyalists′ -problem. The government stuck a rope in our mouths, tied us to the traitorous government, corrupt judges, collaborating police, masochist media, and decided that we are their donkey. Period.

The game started in 5708 with the establishment of the state. There was a total recruitment to fight the enemy and create the ′homeland.′ But all too soon everyone got exhausted, threw away the heavy ′alte zachen,′ stopped the theatrics, and went home. Of course, they didn′t give up the houses in Sheikh Munis, better known as North Tel Aviv, and they compensate the Arabs by persecuting the settlers in Yesha.

What about us? We continue playing the role of the donkey! The rope is stuck deep in the throat, eliminating the ability to speak, ′because that′s incitement.′ One must uphold the honor of those heartless judges, since that is ′disgrace of the court.” The donkey is left with one option: to cry and bray and cry some more. The main thing is to continue being a donkey.Read More:http://www.sos-israel.com/63113.html

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