the hidden look: looks within looks

In a way, Zionism is explainable in its zeal to create a “new jew” ; an act of nihilism to consign to the dust-bin of history the entire diasporic experience of jewish life pulverized by the atomic bomb of the jew “free” in his own land, free from the trappings of tradition and torah. The Israeli jew would be a variant, the quantum leap, the missing link, between and restoring the fire of the Maccabees to their rightful habitat. In part, its the same “otherness” that exists today, began with the chasm of the assimilationist Western Jew, the Enightment promoter as a way of denigrating the Easten Eurpean jew by impugning characteristics not intrinsic to their own; the kind of invidious comparison that still exists in Israel today between the secular Israeli-jew and what Moshe Koppel has called the jewish jew, branded with the baggage of the diaspora, nose in prayer book, and not fit to govern or assume meaningful power other than as an expression of tokenism.

---Roman Vishniac Peddlers Transformed into Beggars by the Boycott 1938 Gelatin Silver Print --- Read More:

The moving of Jews into Eastern Europe from the West is almost like the rift and dispersion of the ten tribes. There is a lingering acrimony here. In modern times, its taken as the differentiation from the non-jewish bourgeois ideal, ideals characterized by Marcel Proust and Herzl. These Western secular jews bought in and promoted the myth that jews suffered from a disease, hyseria, thought to be a female ailment, that they are weak, below average height, shorter arms and so on; the Roman Vishniak look or Walter benjamin’s ragpicker, and these stereotypes often had jews complicit in their manufacture and data fudging.  In fact , the opposite may be true, since many Eastern jews were farmers or adept manual workers, and not the urban sophisticate professions, paper pushing professions. Going back to the Exodus, the jews were the blue collar elite, the skilled tradesmen in the slave labor system and the Egyptian economy crashed in their absence.

Max Beckmann. Self Portrait. ---Koestler:It will, of course, remain inconclusive because you cannot walk up to the experimental subject and inquire after his or her religion; but if you play the game in company, the amount of disagreement between the observers' verdicts will be a surprise. Suggestibility also plays a part. "Did you know that Harold is Jewish?" "No, but now that you mention it of course I can see it.," "Did you know that (this or that) royal family has Jewish blood?" "No, but now that you mention it...." Hutchinson's Races of Mankind has a picture of three Geishas with the caption: Japanese with Jewish physiognomy. Once you have read the caption you feel: "But of course. How could I have missed it?" And when you have played this game for some time, you begin to see Jewish features - or Khazar features - everywhere. Read More:

The issue of Jewish morphology could take on absurd proportions, ratcheted up to meet the scapegoat requirements as the need arose. For example, craniometric examinations were cranked to reveal that Jewish heads had  a peculiar shape. Knowingly, This thesis was not the product of anti-Jewish populism , but born in academia through supposedly objective science.  The iconic nose was another bodily marker that was thought to have a specific form exclusive to  Jews.  First    reports on the “Jewish nose”  go back to the  thirteenth century, and became widely disseminated in the eighteenth through mass media of print, codifying the nature of conspicuous appearance and embedding anti-semitism within mass culture. …( see link at end) ….  In 1808, a few years after Blumenbach’s “observation”, the Dutch physician Wachter reported on examinations of a Jewish skull. He “discovered” several peculiarities. Above all, he was struck by the very unnatural shape of the nose. He described it as having a strange, unnatural form, and he concluded that it accounted for the lack of ability of the Jews to talk properly. This line of argument, namely that a peculiar shape and size of the nose leads to an odd way of speaking, can be found in many publications of the nineteenth century. A medical dissertation by Bernhard Blechmann, dating from 1882, provides a concrete example. The author claimed that Jews had very big nose bones resulting from specific muscles, which in turn influenced their talking and laughing.

( see link at end) ….In my looks, I resembled my mother. Like her, I was blonde, and although till the age of 14 the school did not allow us to grow hair, because of lice; I still could be taken as a gentile, because of my looks. In Vilna, when I understood the meaning of anti-Semitism, I very well grasped the difference between a gentile and me. But, in our town, with its population of 12,000, all the Jews knew each other, and it was easy to guess who is Jewish and who is not. We could easily differentiate between Jewish and gentile kids. It never occurred to me that I could walk in the street without being identified as a Jew. In this context, during the holocaust, we used to say that the non-Jews cannot identify foreign Jews, but everywhere they can easily identify “their own” Jews. In my days in Europe, after the war, no one could tell that I am Jewish, but in our town I was recognized as a Jew, and the same was during my studies in Vilna. Years later, after the holocaust, on my way to our town, six years after I left it, one of the women in the village of Chorsk, recognized me, made the sign of the cross and said: “Oy, this is Muravchick’s son”. This was one of the reasons why only very few Jews survived, they looked like Jews and felt like Jews, and what revealed their identity was not necessarily their looks. Read More:

Otto Dix. Arthur Flechtheim. 1926. Wilhelm Reich:The "vices of the parents" means only one thing here: that they mingled with Jewish blood, whereby the Jewish "world plague" found its way into the "pure" Aryan blood. It is remarkable how closely linked is this theory of pollution with the political thesis of the pollution of Germanism by the "world Jew Karl Marx." The irrational fear of syphilis is the most potent source of National Socialist political Weltanschauung and antisemitism. The logical goal is then, of course, the purity of the race, the purity of the blood. Hitler emphasized again and again that the approach to the masses should not be by way of knowledge, arguments and proof, but only by emotions and belief. The language of National Socialism, as exemplified by Kayserling, Driesch, Rosenberg, Stapel and others, is so mystical and nebulous that this characteristic deserves a special analysis. Read More:

….After the war, in 1945, when I testified before the Anglo-American committee, which finally recommended that 100 thousand certificates be granted to Jews, they wanted to know why the Jews do not assimilate and stay in Europe. I explained to them indirectly that there was no question of assimilation. Would the Jews want to assimilate, society was closed for them. The state of the Jews in our area differed totally from that of the Jews in Germany. In Germany, Jewish children studied in German schools and therefore there was some assimilation. The same situation was in Warsaw, the Polish capital, and in other large cities in Western Europe. To us there was no assimilation problem, as society did not accept us – not the analphabetic Russians in town and neither the educated students in Vilna. We were born Jews, have been raised and grew up as Jews. Practically, this was a Jewish state, a state within a state. Read More:

Felix Nussbaum. Self Portrait. ---Wilhelm Reich:Race history, therefore, is natural history and soul mysticism at one and the same time. Conversely, the history of the religion of the blood is the great world history of the ascent and decline of nations, of their heroes and thinkers, of their inventors and artists. The recognition of this fact, Rosenberg goes on to say, leads to the further recognition that the "struggling of the blood" and the "inkling of the mysticism of the life process" are not two separate things, but represent one and the same thing in two different ways. "Struggling of the blood . . ." "mysticism of the life process . . ." "ascent and decline of nations . . ." "blood poisoning . . ." "Jewish world plague"—all lie in a line which begins with the "struggling of the blood" and ends in bloody terror against the "Jewish materialism" of Marx and in the massacre of Jews. One does not render the cause of human freedom a service by merely deriding this mysticism instead of unmasking it and reducing it to its basic irrational content. The essence of this irrational content is the irrationally mystified energy process, the most extreme expression of reactionary sexual ideology. The ideology of the "soul" and its purity is the ideology of asexuality, of "sexual purity." It is, basically, a result of patriarchal authoritarian sexual suppression and sexual anxiety. Read More: image:http:



Jews were not only believed to pronounce their sentences differently, but they were also thought to talk much faster. J. C. Lavater, the founder of ‘physiognomy’, the science of the interpretation of facial features, wrote as early as 1775 that Jews spoke very swiftly. Thereby Jews allegedly resembled women, who were also believed to talk more and faster than men. Their way of speaking was deemed to be aimed at deception. And the same prejudice was held against Jews, who deliberately seemed to take advantage of their fast way of talking when they did business and tried to strike a bargain. Karl Kraus, a Viennese journalist, and himself Jewish, can be taken as an example of the wide dissemination of the
stereotype of the differently speaking Jew. He claimed that there was a specific language of commerce which could be described as “typically Jewish”….

---Rivka Yosselevska , Eichmann trial witness. ---The Other Jewish Question maps the dissemination of and interrelationships among these corporeal signifiers in Germanophone cultures between the Enlightenment and the Shoah. Its analyses of ascribed Jewish physiognomy include tracing the gendered trajectory of the reception of Benedict Spinoza’s correlation of Jewish persistence, anti-Semitism, and circumcision; the role of Zopf (“braid”) in mediating German Gentile–Jewish relations; the skin(ny) on the association of Jews and syphilis in Arthur Dinter’s antisemitic bestseller Sin against the Blood and Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf; as well as the role of Jewish corporeality in the works of such Jewish-identified authors as Rahel Levin Varnhagen, Heinrich Heine, Karl Marx, Max Nordau, Franz Kafka, and Walter Benjamin, as well as such “Jew”-identifying writers as Ludwig Feuerbach and Daniel Paul Schreber.---Read More: image:

…There was another link between Jews and women with respect to their way of speaking. Fast talking was considered to be a symptom of hysteria, a so-called “typical woman’s disease”.Men, who were stricken by this “female disease”, were considered to be “effeminate”. According to contemporary statistics, hysteria, the “female ailment”, took a great toll among male Jews. Valentin Holst, superintendent of the municipal hospital in Riga, claimed in 1903 that Jews had a “national proneness to hysteria”. Read More:


See link at end…( Eugene) Kobyliansky, of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, is the first researcher in the world to provide facial reconstructions of what Jews looked like in the land of Israel, before their exile into the Diaspora.

Using bone measurements collected from skulls at Jewish burial sites at Ein Gedi near the Dead Sea and the Jordan River, Kobyliansky created plastic molds on which to base the facial reconstructions. The technique was made possible through a unique forensics lab in Moscow, at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which uses the most up-to-date software in anthropological facial reconstruction to recreate facial features from craniums with about 70 percent accuracy….

Mediterranean features with African traits

The skulls of a male from the Hellenistic period and a female from the Roman period were reconstructed. Based on its facial reconstruction, the male skull might have belonged to the large Mediterranean group that inhabited the area from historic to modern times. The female skull also exhibits all the Mediterranean features but, in addition, there are probably some African traits, as manifested by the shape of the nose and face.

“This woman certainly had some African intermixture,” Kobyliansky explains. “We know from history and the stories of King Solomon that there were Ethiopian Jews in Israel. In this particular female, we see some African traits. But maybe she was absolutely white in color. It’s impossible to say.” Read More:

---No, the problem with this scene is not Shirley, but Annie. In recommending to Shirley that she say the “whole word next time,” she intends to communicate that the word “Jewish” is preferred over the shorter “Jew.” “Jew” has a long history of being used as an epithet by those who hate the Jews. The complicating thing is, it is also the correct term for us. As a Jew, I can tell you that my fellow Jews and I call ourselves Jews, and it’s not slang. Rabbis in the pulpit, delivering formal sermons, refer to our people as Jews. Respected reference works written by Jews and non-Jews abound with titles like A History of the Jews and Jews, God and History. Israeli prime ministers refer to their countrymen in official communications as Jews. Therefore, Annie is wrong to “correct” Shirley. A Jew is what Annie is; it is the wholly legitimate term for what she is. By signing on to the interpretation that the word “Jew” is a slur, an epithet, a demeaning term to be avoided, Annie gives her tacit agreement to the proposition that the very name for her and her co-religionists is a slur. She agrees to make “Jew” a dirty word. A smile from Annie, accompanied by the simple word “Yes,” would have been the correct response. Only by owning the word can we Jews claim it for ourselves in its rightful meaning. To respond otherwise is to adopt (perhaps unconsciously) the mantle of the self-hating Jew.---Read More:

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