none was too many: but for whom?

Before the war was one thing, but after the war, Nazi’s could come to Canada after the war but Jews were still looked on as undesirables, although the culling out of the guilty in this absurdity is not that simple. There is evidence that Zionists were complicit in the refusal of the West to deter assisting Jews to find refugee status in their countries. And for the most part, the Eastern European jews, the “ostjuden” were seen as nothing short of an embarrassment with their distinctive garb and manner, religious practices and unsettling messianism; so there was an ambiguous sentiment of helping but not affecting their own social mobility by being complacent within a certain social strata of the community.

The recent tracking down of a nazi war criminal showed he  was living peacefully and law-abidingly in Canada until 1997 when the Canadian government finally began building a dossier on him. But these situations do not arise in a vacuum. But for almost forty-five years he lived in Montreal and Toronto without worry, evident that people knew of him, but did little. So, the “none were too many” for the jews does contain a kernel of Zionism’s bitters apostasy and something of the overall indifference of the community’s leaders, in which eventually the propaganda stretches so thin it cracks….

Father and son arrive in Israel from Buchenwald. Read More:

Of course, at heart to the whole enterprise was the anti-semitic cant of the essence of jewishness being found in the objective source of the human body. A biological stamp that remais even if one converts to Christianity. The moment of birth, or conception marks the genetic determination…

( see link at end) ….British newspaper The Sun said it has tracked down the world’s most wanted Nazi war criminal — who helped send 15,700 Jews to their deaths at Auschwitz — in Budapest, Hungary.

The paper said Ladislaus Csizsik-Csatary, 97, who served as a police commander in charge of a Jewish ghetto in Kassa, Hungary during World War Two, fled Kassa after the was and was sentenced to death for war crimes in his absence in Czechoslovakia in 1948….

—Guy Walters:I’m delighted that Dr Segev has added lots of new information to the story of Simon Wiesenthal, but I’m afraid that this particular scoop is not really his. Dr Segev told me he had read my book, so I’m surprised he hasn’t noticed this choice morsel in its pages.
I’m also mystified by the reaction of Dr Efraim Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, who told the Jewish Chronicle that the claim had come as a real shock, and that he thought he ‘knew just about everything there was to know about him’. Dr Zuroff is another person who claims to have read my book, so I wonder why Dr Segev’s ‘revelation’ is such big news. Dr Zuroff called my book ‘ridiculous’, so it seems strange that he doesn’t apply the same description to the book written by Dr Segev. My suspicion is that the likes of Drs Zuroff and Segev find the conclusions of my book unpalatable, and they have chosen to ignore it. In a way, I’m flattered!—Read More:

…He created a new identity and worked as an art dealer in Canada, but disappeared again 15 years ago when his cover was blown and the government began to build a case against him….

Generally, the Western Jews were held the important the values of  integration and assimilate into the middle class of society, and finally adopted often to perfection, the secular values of the bourgeoisie. Its not coincidence that Zionism was an extension of this mode of thought and originated as an extension of Enlightenment, and liberal social democratic ideals hoping that the stain of Judaism would disappear in the wash cycle eventually or find expression as a “new jew” in a new land, which ironically in discarding judaism would reinforce the end game of secularism, or exclusive secularism which would be racial differentiation.

It is appalling, but not surprising that when Rabbi Leib Kramer arrived in Montreal in 1941 with eight followers going from Eastern Europe to Japan, to Shanghai and the San Francisco to Montreal on nine precious family visa that were welcomed and feted in Montreal, by a Jewish community that was hardly observant. That exultation changed that evening when Kramer announced that the following day he was starting a Yeshiva; The next day a wealthy Jewish businessman or acting as spokesman for a group, offered Kramer and his followers $5,000 each, an incredible sum then, to leave Montreal immediately within 24 hours and go to Toronto to start their Hebrew school. It was refused.

There is no denying that a cultural gap, socio-economic and religious existed between Westernized Jews and their brethren from the backwaters of the East. Geography was culture, since it was also held to determine what was a physically defective jew and this new “normal” type that was seen as the ideal.  And jews such as Zionists promoted this view of the physically distinct jewish type, different and diseased as not them, and part of a

erent culture, thereby being complicit in anti-semitism and the limiting of immigration.

—Read More:

…According to documents uncovered the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem, Csizsik-Csatary took pleasure in beating women with a whip he carried on his belt, and also forced them to dig ditches in frozen ground with their bare hands.

The documents also revealed that he made dissenting Jews take up stress positions for hours, hit them with a dog lead and oversaw a shoot-on-sight policy if they tried to escape.

Nazi hunters from the Wiesenthal Center, which recently placed Csizsik-Csatary at the top of its most wanted list, provided The Sun with information regarding his possible whereabouts….

—-Abba Kovner, Eichmann testimony:One day, early in the morning, German armoured cars suddenly entered the suburbs of Novigored and began taking out the people by force, men women and children. There was tremendous confusion. Children searched for their mothers, a mother would shout: “My child,” and they began pushing us in the direction of the ghetto. As we were walking and approaching the ghetto, we heard shouts all the way. I am ashamed to relate that we heard the shouts of our Polish and Lithuanian neighbours who cried “Death to the Jews! Death to the Jews!” And this shout haunts me to this day. “Death to the Jews!” – this was our neighbours’ blessing. And we were chased and herded into the ghetto. And suddenly we saw that they were splitting us into two columns – one section was brought to Straszuna Street and entered it, and the other part to Lidzki Street, adjoining Straszuna Street.
We went into the ghetto, the streets were teaming with people – no one knew where he should live. Suddenly we learned the first principle of the ghetto: let each person live wherever he could. We burst into apartments which were open and empty those were the apartments where, until a week ago, there had been 30,000 Jews, who as a result of the provocation, had been evacuated from this place to Ponar, and in this way they made room for us in the ghetto. Twenty to thirty of us went into a room, into a room in which some family had previously been living. We saw a photograph of an old man with a heavy beard, we saw a passport with the name “Kramer,” we saw a glass of tea with jam, we saw an open prayer book. We understood – the man had been taken when he was about to go to sleep, taken to his death. —Read More: image:

…The Sun said its reporters tracked him down to a two-bedroom apartment in Budapest.

“Once our team found Csizsik-Csatary they were able to establish he was the Nazi collaborator. We confronted him at the flat where he had been living quietly among families unaware of his chilling past,” The Sun reported. According to the report, Csizsik-Csatary, who speaks English with a Canadian accent after decades living in Montreal and Toronto, answered the door in just socks and underpants.

“When we asked if he could justify his past, he looked shocked and stammered ‘No, no. Go away.’ Questioned about his deportation case in Canada he answered angrily in English: ‘No, no. I don’t want to discuss it.’ Our reporter asked: ‘Do you deny doing it? A lot of people died as a result of your actions.’ He replied: ‘No I didn’t do it, go away from here,’ before slamming the door,” The Sun reported.

During the legal proceedings against him in Canada, Csizsik-Csatary admitted to taking part in the transportation of Jews to Auschwitz, but claimed that his role was “limited.”

After studying dossiers of evidence disclosed by The Sun, Hungary’s Deputy Chief Prosecutor Dr Jeno Varga said: “There is an ongoing investigation. Prosecutors are studying the information submitted.” Read More:,7340,L-4255400,00.html

(see link at end)…On another occasion Blair said to a pro-refugee Anglican clergyman, Canon W.W.Judd of Toronto, that he.feared that Jews were facing virtual extinction, in Europe but to allow more of them into Canada, would not solve the problem. The Jewish M.P.Heaps said in a letter that the existing regulations are inhuman and anti-Christian… every nation in the world is allowing a limited number to enter their countries.

Mackenzie King himself after Evian said that “as far as he was concerned the admission of refugees perhaps posed a greater menace to Canada in 1938 than did Hitler.” At an informal gathering at his summer residence he fondly recalled his meeting with Hitler in Germany a year earlier. He described him as being SWEET.He had a good face.

In Sept. 1938 less than a year before Canada declared war on Germany King was still mixed in his attitude to Hitler–“He might come to be thought of as one of the saviours of the world” he wrote:’ He had the chance at Nuremberg, but was looking to Force, to might, and to violence as means to achieving his ends, which were, I believe at heart, the well-being of his fellow-man, not all fellow men, but those of his own race. ” In 1939 he said to a Jewish delegation that “Kristallnacht might turn out to be a blessing”. That was the night of broken glass when Jews were kicked out of their homes in Germany, windows were broken in businesses, synagogues were set on fire etc. Men, women and children were wrenched from their homes, beaten and shot or dragged off to concentration camps. Scores were killed, hundreds injured, thousands arrested. This actually mellowed King and he went to a funeral of Mrs. Heaps, the Jewish M.P.’s wife. He wrote in his diary that he was going to fight for the admission of some Jewish refugees because it was right and lust and Christian. It didn’t last long when he found opposition to his change of heart.

Meanwhile the Canadian High Commissioner in London, Vincent Massey had become a fringe member of the aristocratic, largely pro-German and anti-Semitic Cliveden set, centred around Lord and Lady Astor. He was enthusiastic about the anti-Nazi Sudetens displaced by the Munich agreement most of whom were Social Democrats or Catholics. Would it not be a wonderful tactic at this time said Massey to accept as many as possible Aryan Sudeten Germans as refugees. The Chairman on Intergovernmental committee on refugees, Lord Winterton had assured the Canadian Prime Minister that although many of the Sudetens were called “Non Aryan Christians…in fact they had very little Jewish blood and would make excellent settlers. Within days of receiving the high commissioners recommendation, the government decided again to keep out the Jews and let in the Sudeten Germans. In 1939 Ernest LaPointe and Vincent Massey working through External Affairs did their best to keep Jews out….Even the famous “voyage of the dammed” received no mercy in Canada. This ship loaded with 907 Jews from Hamburg was on its way to Cuba but Cuba refused it. The U.S. and Canada refused them and Canada even sent out a “gun boat” to shadow them. …Read More:

Read More:
(see link at end) …Jews were not only believed to pronounce their sentences differently, but they were also thought to talk much faster. J. C. Lavater, the founder of ‘physiognomy’, the science of the interpretation of facial features, wrote as early as 1775 that Jews spoke very swiftly.
Thereby Jews allegedly resembled women, who were also believed to talk more and faster than men. Their way of speaking was deemed to be aimed at deception. And the same prejudice was held against Jews, who deliberately seemed to take advantage of their fast way of talking when they did business and tried to strike a bargain. Karl Kraus, a Viennese journalist, and himself Jewish, can be taken as an example of the wide dissemination of the stereotype of the differently speaking Jew. He claimed that there was a specific language of commerce which could be described as “typically Jewish”.

There was another link between Jews and women with respect to their way of speaking. Fast talking was considered to be a symptom of hysteria, a so-called “typical woman’s disease”. Men, who were stricken by this “female disease”, were considered to be “effeminate”. According to contemporary statistics, hysteria, the “female ailment”, took a great toll among male Jews. Valentin Holst, superintendent of the municipal hospital in Riga, claimed in 1903 that Jews had a “national proneness to hysteria”.Max Sichel, a psychiatrist at the university hospital in Frankfurt am Main, wrote that in some Russian cities, the ratio of hysteric people among Jewish men was almost as high as among Jewish
women. Alexander Pilcz, a physician in Vienna, also stated that hysteria could frequently be encountered among Jews. There are many more references to the male Jew’s disposition to hysteria. Read More:

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