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Two hands on the wheel and not on your fly….It will be the end of the world as they know it….Sometimes things are so nuts, the wackiness only enhanced by state sanctioned religious caveats, against such things as women driving as in Saudi Arabia. Now, Hilary Clinton has been a mighty booster of Saudi “reform” an engaged cheerleader from the sidelines, but progress  at street level has been a one sided affair. Freud’s castration complex working its way into the Saudi psyche.

But America was at one time almost as non-sympathetic as well; according to Michael Kimmel the twentieth century, “modern society”, was effectively transforming lumberjack in waiting boys and young men into what Ernest Thompson Seton, the Boy Scouts founder called,   “a lot of flat chested cigarette smokers with shaky nerves and doubtful vitality” . I suppose Saudi, the House of Saud and its leechy 25,000 various and sundry princes,are in kniptions over into a possible domino effect. Men have to be men, and as Teddy Roosevelt once proclaimed, the sedentary experience should be foresaken for what he termed the “strenuous life,” like public floggings, beheadings,Luis Vuitton camel racing; y’know, guy stuff.

—Using a car for support, Linda Evangelista takes a brazen chicken-surrounded Boat Pose as part of W Magazine‘s Art Issue, curated by Creative Director Dennis Freedman, conceived by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan and shot by Pierpaolo Ferrari.—Read More:

In fact, typically, these Saudi academics, essentially public servants shilling on the sly, frame the issue as the plight of men, when it is actually a larger critique of women. In truth, the gender difference is there, but quite marginal, the narcissism of small differences? The exaggerated gender differences that are touted is what Cynthia Fuchs Epstein correctly identifies as a “deceptive distinction,” ostensibly about gender and a woman’s capacity, the old hysteria argument for instance, but is actually about class, race and control. It is also ironic, that the automobile, that symbol of Western white man’s industrial superiority, and the cause of so many wars and social ills related to oil, should be the flashpoint of the Saudi reform campaign……

(see link at end)….Allowing women drivers in Saudi Arabia will tempt them into sex, promote pornography and create more homosexuals, according to some conservative Muslim scholars. … Academics at the Majlis al-Ifta’ al-A’ala, which is Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council, said the relaxation of the rules would inevitably lead to “no more virgins”….

Luigi Russolo. 1912. Dynamisme d’une Automobile.— Under Saudi Arabia’s strict Islamic laws, women require a male guardian’s permission to work, travel abroad or undergo certain types of surgery.
There is no law banning women from driving, but there is a law requiring citizens to use locally issued licences while in the country. Such licences are not issued to women, making it effectively illegal for them to drive.
In May, as pro-democracy protests swept the region, some women in Saudi Arabia called for the right to drive. A campaign dubbed Women2Drive issued calls on social media such as Twitter and Facebook to challenge the ban.
Some women posted on Twitter that they drove successfully in the streets of Jeddah, Riyadh and Khobar while others said they were stopped by police who later let them go after signing a pledge not to drive again.
On May 22, Manal Alsharif, who posted a YouTube video of her driving in the streets of Khobar, was arrested. She was later released but her case proved a deterrent for many women. —Read More: image:

Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women are banned from driving.

The academics, working in conjunction with Kamal Subhi, a former professor at the conservative King Fahd University, produced the conclusions in a report for the country’s legislative assembly, the Shura Council.

It warned that allowing women to drive would “provoke a surge in prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and divorce”.

Within 10 years of the ban being lifted, it claimed, there would be “no more virgins” in the Islamic kingdom….

Francis Picabia art.—-Saudi Arabia has taken its gender apartheid system to new heights with its plans to build an industrial city populated exclusively by female workers.
The all-female municipality, which will begin construction in 2013, is expected to provide Saudi women work and career opportunities in a country that actively strives to separate them publicly from men.
To that end, the gender-specific metropolis, which is expected to generate 5,000 jobs, will house textile, pharmaceutical and food processing industries run by “female entrepreneurs” and staffed with all-women production lines.
As yet, it’s still unclear how the all

ale metropolitan labor force will arrive to work, given that Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that prohibits women from driving, prohibitions that include public lashings and prison sentences for offenders.—-Read More: image:/2011/02/vroom-vroom-mechanical-symbolism-by-the-mileage/

It pointed out that “moral decline” could already be seen in those other Muslim countries in which women are allowed to drive.

In the report Prof Subhi described sitting in a coffee shop in an unnamed Arab state where “all the women were looking at me”.

“One made a gesture that made it clear that she was available,” he said. “This is what happens when women are allowed to drive.”

Women caught driving in Saudi face corporal punishment.

In September, Shaima Jastaniya, 34, a Saudi woman, was sentenced to 10 lashes with a whip after being caught driving in Jeddah.

There has been strong protest in the country about the sentence, which was later overturned by King Abdullah, and about the law generally but resistance to reform remains strong among the traditionally conservative royal family and clerics.

The Saudi government is currently considering a proposal to ban women – already forced to cover up most of their body in public – from even displaying their eyes, if they are judged too “tempting”.Read More:

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