crash on a levee: change a status quo

Change the status quo? Sometimes there are multiple paths to get there,the mechanisms between our minds and our hearts are not always synchronized between an objective, classic world view and a plugging and turning back to both an earlier and contemporary time of understanding the same phenomenon through telling your story and impressing understanding as a layer over data and the empirical.

The approach of changing a give norm and basis of reality perception is either in a gradual, grinding, yard by yard basis or the lightning jolt of the fresh and new shiny fully formed and ready to perform. Depth and authority of the beginning, the brightest light at the source, or the validity of the last perception? In the end, the search for objectivity is still wanting for that definitive answer that does not appear forthcoming on a platter, breakfast in bed style. The different approaches, seem embedded into its own essence whose own origins are beyond human intelligence to comprehend, though thought not for want of effort.elisa6

The best hoped-for scenario is to tell our own story, as well as we can, something that mirrors and resonates as a true experience, a personally crafted and created object, useful and unique that stands out from the mass of generic mass production and emotional reproduction so that craft and art are necessary if unlikely odd couples. Aesthetics of the useful and fantastical living with flashes of the hitherto unknown.bergeron48

The potential of the vlog, the video blog is that personal connection, the experience of creation, of pushing the boundaries of culture and confusion, a chaos of craft and the order of relating and weaving both the symbolic and emotional into a something crunchy and tasty. Textual imaginings, memory, activated in dreams tangled up in linear passages of time. There is a power in the individual voice and personal story plot as a flip side of memory, and a sourcing of onelanguage, holy grails of unified theory,where image and search, telling your story, rescue and render, eternals of memory from abandoned and discarded conscious thoughts to chance it all on a few flashes of lived existence that are forgotten and forgiven, yet woven in us.

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