let’s crash in a hut

Waiting for that wisdom bomb to appear on the horizon of your life. That one mega detonation that will change and transform yourself. The near death dealing explosion from which the Pheonix will emerge soaring higher until like Icarus its wings will melt in the sun and all will be lost and forgiven in sake and sacrifice of the infinite and eternal where meanless excuses will quarrel about their differences.Danielle1

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.” – Seth Godin

People do not actually purchase or buy anything.Its a fantasy. They buy into something and it is a process of exchange mediated by needs, wants, desires, a search for familiarity, a way to spend time,a way to avoid doing things we don’t want to do, a way to embrace and a means to replace and so on in a practice of the art of being busy and staying a few feet ahead of that foreboding sense of gloom and its attendant anxiety that poetically equates the ageing without maturation process with-with nervousness and borderline hysteria.elisa5

So, do we really want to drag our raw piece of meat under a shady tree on the Savannah and chew to the bone of some poor innocent carcass we hauled down? or while gobbling down the cadaver were we waxing about magic and mystique, and days of wine and roses without hearing the distant crash on the levee. Modernism wrought a rupture in the individual’s daily experiences, dissociation, specialization of labor, modularity, disconnect between markets, money and the miracle of living and exchanging experiences. The capacity to convey, to articulate what has been witnessed could no longer be transmitted from mouth to mouth but rather a long and winding detour through surrealism and the fantastic both in the sublime and nightmarish sense. A meta vision where the artificial replaces the natural and then fragments from artificially “natural” into a sequence of self defeating circular contradictions that lead to a manifest urdge to do one thing: escape in which the travel odometer is measured by a daily wrinkle inventory and crow foot expansion dialysis that serves as adequate suffocation to the risk of uncensored opinion.danielle92

But! mediating and meditating, and even medicating as making choices may be, there is a need to come to terms with either doing or not doing, for fatalistically succumbing to the charms of inertia or-or to stop manipulating the caca and jumping into a well chosen and thought out void of familiar yet unknown origin:far from the permeating influence of others dictating,dictskating pigeon holding, Skinner boxed and gift wrapped while measuring the size of your divots when you really decide to smack that sucker on the fairway of life.

getting younger there is a parallel lurking sensation of nervousness. once the elixir finds its way out of the bottle,,,,@…7dave 041

****…Veblen conceives of status among humans as a stratification system, no different in principle from the hierarchies that structure social relations throughout the animal kingdom (from the “pecking order” among chickens to the dominance relations among our closest primate ancestors). It is grounded in judgments that establish an invidious comparison, which Veblen defines as a “comparison of persons with a view to rating and grading them in respect of relative worth or value” ( Joseph Heath )

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