yeah we all shine on-and off and on….

Much is then in our imagery. What does change in each generation, or to be really cosmic, in each and every moment in which the world is recreated, is our way of explaining the phenomenon of human predicament. the treadmill effect of trying to catch-up to a new perceived reality while being totally oblivious to a super-conscious state that silently stirs, apparently undisturbed and unconcerned. Whether those explanations are evolutionary in nature, unfolding new rays of light seeping into the cracks or just seek to justify an original claim, we are still metaphorically in an ancient public square where where the brains and nerds engage or spar with other on the finer points of wisdom and understanding. Developments can and cannot be planned in advance because they have and have not been created already. Any theories on the truth and urgency of the present moment then are unfathomable mysteries of and for the perplexed grabbing onto whatever flavor of the week the guide may be.elisa6

In the culture of virtual reality, there is a desire to believe we are focusing on form rather than content, which make up society, that means are an end, that mediums are messages, and that is not necessarily overcooked as an idea, but it is partly based on an older, top down model of a passive audience buying into someone’s fiction, and not an active audience producing meaning themselves, such as vlogs and video blogging leading to the assembly of the production of culture and identity in which one of the more apparent features and bleachers…bergeron57

… of these sharing and social platforms has been the way in which conventional notions of time related to spatial concepts both collapse, dissolve and recreate themselves in meaningful ways that call into question the theory, perceived negatively, that images dominate narrative at the expense of content, because style itself is a co-president pulling on the boundaries of substance to rise above the ironic and symbolic. As readers become writers the distinctions between traditional producer and public is both losing its basic character and reclaiming an original intuition and counter-intuition buried within the landfill of identity and appearance.

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