love triangle: time-memory and desire

The real potential of content marketing is the flexibility of combining video with text with an aural experience: very compressed and compacted temporal voyages. After having refused the key from St.Peter, the protagonist, in search and in the belief of finding something more appetizing further up the bend,decides that the present experience is in need of extension and not closure, of risk and not compromised reward, of transfer and transition and not consolidation of present gains decides to realign the present by jiggling with the concept of time by merging this onto the information highway of memory, wishes and desires, and either wants or needs if the two can be distinguishable.

"Dans le monde réellement renversé, le vrai est un moment du faux. " ( Debord)

“Dans le monde réellement renversé, le vrai est un moment
du faux. ” ( Debord)

A striking feature of the new media landscape is the relation between labor and the environment which has a new complicity within a virtual platform. there is same-old, same-old of the shop-worn but known, decked in a new cape and trim but there is also a detachment from original contexts as if meanings and a new poetry of relations is appearing in horizon, a constellation familiar and murky seemingly chosen expressly for our present time as if millions of histories have been crystallized into a discernible presentation where vaporous mosaics breathe mortal blows onto a shambling, decrepit authority that have been doled out mechanically and in its stead a new reflective condition arises which connects in the absence of any common, know sense of continuity.bergeron11

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