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future ain’t what it used to be

How did the “world of tomorrow” as the 1939 New York Wold’s Fair called itself, look to those who were trying to envisage it? You could say the previsions of 1939 were weakened by a depression just before and shadowed … Continue reading

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bucky the pop star

by Art Chantry: note to designers: if you ever run across a copy of this paperback book in your goodwill or book exchange center (stuffed in next to romance novels, i’m sure), SNAG IT! it’s a really cool little book. … Continue reading

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roll your own

Save up to $537.59 off List…That caught attention. It is cheaper, considerably to make your own mounted canvas, but rolling your own as it were, is not that inexpensive. Especially when you have to work with stretching and pliers and … Continue reading

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its got rhythm

In his angular forms and ardent theories a profession searching for prophets seemed to have found a new vision. … With good reason, people seldom look twice at the random piles of brick, steel, and concrete that stand along our … Continue reading

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