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feeding the shark

So long and thanks for all the fish. She claims the Shalit family was holding her story hostage for four years, and she deserves royalties. As Shalit was exchanged for prisoners, she should also figure into the exchange process. The … Continue reading

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hunger artists: portraits of ghosts

The theory of Donald Kuspit and a few other less known voices was that Modigliani rehumanized what Picasso had crushed and sucked out. Modigliani was able to connect in his paintings to those live and unpredictable wires – the curse … Continue reading

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telling stories about the book of j

The recent death of Brazilian writer Moacyr Scliar provides a point of departure for examining writing that is outside the ken of the north American context and is deeply inflected with Scliar’s central influences such as Kafka, Isaac Babel, Schlem … Continue reading

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